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Why Living In a Managed Community Can Give Peace of Mind During a Pandemic

In uncertain and unprecedented times of pandemic, it’s important to feel confident that your home is the right place to be. Whether you’re social distancing on the advice of your doctor, or following public health guidelines in your home state or city, here’s why a managed community can give great peace of mind when there are public health issues that affect everyone.


Staff whose job it is to care

A managed community is more than a collection of homes on streets – it’s a carefully planned environment which is designed to easily and smoothly meet as many of your needs as possible. You’ll make a set monthly contribution to the community, and this goes to employ professional maintenance staff, security professionals, even baristas – everyone who makes the amenities of your community work seamlessly. Caring and effective staff give the community a feeling of being cared for well, and that makes the community a safer, friendlier and more stable place to live.

Controllable environments

Because the community is purpose-built and actively maintained, that makes the streets, park areas and common areas into places which are deliberately cared-for. That means that, in addition to the personal protective equipment recommended by medical professionals, there is a team of people whose job it is to keep surfaces in common areas clean and safe, reducing the likelihood of catching sickness.

Full-time security

Amongst the most appealing benefits of living in a managed community for many residents is the fact that your monthly community fees contribute to round the clock, professional security. Not only is the community covered by discreet, state of the art equipment which maintains privacy whilst keeping your streets safe, but security staff are available 24/7 to make sure that your home and the community you live in are kept safe. Gate sign-ins for visitors, and regular quiet patrols, mean that there is always a clear record of what’s been happening in your community, and how it has been kept safe. In uncertain times, security is non-negotiable, and a managed community delivers it with simplicity and discretion.

Community cohesion

Finally, a managed community promotes a sense of neighborliness and shared space which is invaluable in uncertain times. While it’s easy to feel isolated and disconnected in a community where you don’t know anyone, or where there are few central spaces for people to see each other, a managed community’s carefully-designed shared spaces are invaluable for promoting a sense of living in a neighborhood, not just a street. It’s always important to maintain social distancing in line with medical advice – but the fact that you have your home community in common with the people around you gives an important foundation for peace of mind. 
Of course, it’s important to always follow the advice of your doctor and other medical specialists – please stay safe. If you’d like to talk to us about your options for living in a managed community, we’d love to talk to you; get in touch and we’ll talk you through the next steps!