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Why Choose a Single-Bedroom Apartment?

If you’re searching for an ideal living space, consider renting a one-bedroom apartment. While there are pros and cons to any type of apartment unit, one-bedrooms are a step up from a cramped studio, offering more space and privacy. They also generally cost less to rent and maintain than a two-bedroom, and you don’t have to rely on a roommate to pay the bills on time. Here are the three key benefits you should consider when apartment hunting.

Why Choose a Single-Bedroom Apartment?


1. Perfect for Singles or Couples

Some people dismiss the idea of renting a one-bedroom apartment because it may look tiny compared to a place that has two bedrooms. But most single-bedroom apartments still have plenty of space for one or two people to move about. You don’t need another room for your guests, which can tempt them to overstay their welcome.

Since it costs less than a two-bedroom unit, you save more on rent. You’ll also save on energy costs, as it takes less energy to warm up or cool down smaller spaces. As a bonus, you don’t have to spend as much money to spruce up the space; you can buy only the furniture that you and your partner will use.   

2. Provides Privacy

In addition to not having to live with a roommate in your one-bedroom apartment, you can maintain a private space separate from entertaining your guests. They won’t have to see the clutter of your daily activities or mess of an unmade bed and dirty clothes. You’ll feel comfier knowing that behind the closed door of the single room is your much-needed privacy or personal space. And if you work from home, you can create a nook where you won’t be disturbed.

3. Enough Space for Everything

Initially, you may think that single-bedroom apartments won’t have enough space for your stuff. But look on the bright side: this is a good opportunity for you to downsize and declutter. Take only what you need, and toss out anything that you haven’t used for a while. By adopting a minimalist way of living, you’ll have fewer belongings, less mess, and easier cleaning. After some time, you’ll get the hang of living with the essentials in a smaller space.

Living in a one bedroom apartment doesn't have to cramp your style, as there are many benefits to downsizing your space. Let us help you find the perfect apartments for rent in and around the Clarksville and Murfreesboro, Tennessee.