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Why a Managed Community is Great For Your Car

Managed communities are changing every year, adding more and more facilities to make your life easier. From swimming pools and gyms to movie theaters and bark parks, things which once felt like luxuries are now available as standard, right in your monthly payment. We’ve seen a lot of our clients fall in love with managed communities, and one of the facilities they’re loving is the community car care center.
If you’re thinking of moving into a community with a car care center for you to use, here are a few tips for really making the most of it to keep your car in great shape.

Careful washing

Of course, the first step in using a car care center is careful washing. Your managed community’s car care center will have what you need – the basics (cloths, pails, soap) and specialized equipment like pressure washers. Many other ingredients you may have at home can also help clean your car. For instance, baking soda can help to get salt and grime off, while you can use an alcohol-based solvent to remove tree sap. Always remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your model and paint – check before you wash!
Wax your car for long term car care

Nothing makes a car look well-cared-for like a good coat of wax, and a good car care center will give you what you need. If you’re waxing your car yourself, remember that taking care will pay dividends. You’ll want to wash your car and let it dry fully before waxing it. Then, work the wax slowly in to places where there are cracks or fading, before carefully applying an even layer to the rest of your paintwork, then applying one final coat across the whole car. This will help even out any problems and bring it back up to showroom condition. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and get the right brand of wax for your car and its color. It’s usually recommended for you to wax your car twice a year. Wax it once before winter sets in to protect the car from rain and snow, and once again in spring before summer comes along, so it’s ready for long drives and hot sun all summer long.


Care for the interior

Car care centers in premium managed communities usually come equipped with a dedicated, high-power vacuum cleaner that’s designed to help you keep your car fresh. If you’ve never done this for a car before, remember that your car can collect dust in all sorts of places, so a specially-designed vacuum fitting will do wonders. Start by vacuuming the ceiling on the inside of the vehicle, and then work your way to the sides and the floor. Cleaning up the bottom first could make it untidy again when you’re vacuuming the ceiling, so make sure you go in this order. 

Check your tires

Most manufacturers recommend that you check your tire pressure about once a month. Your car care center will have air and pressure gauges to help you do this. If the weather is changing a lot, remember to pay more attention to your tires, as temperature changes can affect your tire pressure. Again, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the right way to care for your tires, and ask your community management committee if your need the car care center to bring in any special arrangements.
Car care is one of the most important parts of owning a great vehicle, and if you’re looking for a home which won’t leave your car neglected, one of our communities could be a great option. Get in touch to find out more!