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The Importance of Sunshine in your Life

Ever notice how you feel when the sun’s rays hit your skin, how summers always seem more magical when you spend them outdoors, and how you feel like you can take on the day ahead if you’ve had a bit of vitamin D first thing in the morning. 
You see, our proverbial avoidance of sun damage has also cost us so much more than foregoing that tanned, sun-kissed look. Because we’ve been spending most of our time indoors (especially since the start of this pandemic), some of us may have noticed a dip in the quality of our thoughts and emotions. 
So before you diagnose yourself with the bouts of the blues, ask yourself this: are you getting enough sunshine? 
Just consider the following:
A healthy dose of sunshine can help build your immune system, guard your body against inflammation, sharpen your brain functions, and ward off dementia. With all these benefits listed, it’s no wonder that doctors recommend that we get at least ten minutes of sunlight in a day. This is especially recommended as a way to combat depression and improving our sleep quality. 
So yes, getting a bit of sunshine in healthy doses can vastly improve your life—physically, mentally, and emotionally. 
Our bodies are programmed to wake up with the sun and enjoy its benefits. If you’re looking for ways to spend more time outdoors in the coming warmer months, then you’ve come to the right page. We’ve listed fun ways to incorporate outdoor time below. 
  1. Improve your mood with a quick morning run
The term “sunny disposition” was not coined for nothing. Dozens of research support that the sun can have a positive impact on the quality of your thoughts and your general outlook in life. So what better way to increase your serotonin than by taking a quick run around the block in the morning? 
Endorphins plus vitamin sunshine—can you just imagine how infinitely happier and much more productive the rest of your day can be? And you don’t have to go all-out in this endeavor too. Even a leisurely jog or walk in your neighborhood will still do wonders to your mood. 
  1. Soak up some vitamin D at the dog park
Now here’s an idea for all of you pet parents out there. As happy as Fido may be, now that you’ve been spending more hours at home these days, you and your fur-baby will benefit a lot more if you do some of your activities outdoors. 
Spending a few minutes at the dog park can get your dog the exercise that he/she needs—and you the vitamin D that is necessary for cell growth and increased mental clarity. Of course, if you plan to spend more than 15 minutes on the park, be sure to slather on a generous amount of sunscreen. 
  1. Go on a hike for improved sleep
Who doesn’t appreciate a good night’s rest? More than just the physical exercise that you will get from exploring new trails, spending more time outdoors can improve not only your mood, but also the quality of your sleep too. Who knows, soaking up the sun’s rays through hiking might just be the cure for insomnia that you’ve been looking for. 
See, melatonin and serotonin work hand in hand in lulling you into a deep and restful slumber. Both can be naturally produced by your body with a healthy dose of sun exposure. 
  1. Maintain a healthy blood pressure with a few laps in the pool
Feel that running is too intense a workout for you? Swimming can be a great cardio alternative too. It allows you to stay cool while still moving your body and enjoying a bit of time under the sun. 
But more than just the exercise itself, spending some time in the pool will allow your body to enjoy the sun’s rays. This can trigger more nitric acid to be released in your blood. This compound is crucial for bringing down your blood pressure as well as maintaining a heathy heart. 
The bottomline—
There’s more to your mother’s advice of “you need to get outside and enjoy the sun more.” Researchers have found a link between vitamin D deficiencies and the rise of mental disorders. So get up, get moving, and enjoy the sun as we move towards the coming warmer months. Sensible exposure to the sun might just help you get the boost that you need.