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Tennessee Waterfalls & Swimming Holes

Tennessee is full of breathtaking swimming holes, lakes, waterfalls and rivers perfect for cooling off on a hot summer day. It's the best time to get some exercise as well by taking an afternoon stroll through nature while enjoying all four seasons at once! So, grab your friends or family members and head out today to enjoy one of Tennessee's many scenic spots. 

Have a look at the following swimming holes and falls that you must enjoy this summer.

J. Percy Priest Lake
Nashville is a much-loved spot for swimming, but it can be tough to find the perfect place and time. That's why Percy Priest offers so many great spots. You'll never have trouble finding an accessible area that suits your needs with plenty of room for friends or family members at one of their scenic locations near Nashville along Cook Recreation Area and off Anderson Road. These areas offer beautiful views as well as great opportunities to jump into the water from cliffs like Hole-in-the Wall Island or Elm Hill Marina. Just make sure you're prepared because they might require transportation by boat if security around those neighborhoods isn't guaranteed yet.
Long Hunter State Park
If you're looking for a great place to go camping this summer, Long Hunter State Park is the perfect location. Just 26 miles from Nashville, there are more than 2,600 acres of hiking trails and boating lakeshore camping. You can follow Bryant Grove Trail (4 miles) which connects designated swimming beach at Bryant Grove with Couchville Lake area along shoreline of Percy Priest Lake on east side. It also has volleyball courts, restrooms and playgrounds for the kids.
Harpeth River State Park
27 miles from Nashville, the Harpeth River is a popular route for canoe and kayak trips. There are plenty of places to stop along 40 scenic miles as you explore up- or downstream access points on your trip. Try exploring one of five different small beaches located throughout the park's territory during your 5-mile float with ample opportunities for swimming at rocky beach spots nearby!
The beautiful scenery makes this spot perfect if you're looking to get away from it all: just grab some friends and take off downriver in search of whatever adventure awaits next - whether you want to grab an ice cream cone or explore one of many historic sites found alongside these waters.
East Fork Stones River
The Stones River has three forks: West, Middle and East. Along the Eastern Fork of this river is a beautiful old mill that makes for an idyllic spot to throw down your towel or picnic blanket and dip into some deep water with friends, family, or your dogs. There are also fun activities like tree swings on site if you want something more active than laying out in the sun.
Stillhouse Hollow Falls
The Stillhouse Hollow Falls is an area to explore if you want a natural escape from the bustling city. The 90-acre natural beauty, less than one mile away and includes scenic waterfalls that are perfect for recreation or just hanging out with friends on your day off.
Rutledge Falls
What's better than a refreshing swim on the hottest day of summer? The cool waters at Rutledge Falls in Tullahoma will keep you refreshed and recharged. Just follow the sound of rushing water to find your way along this short hike, then take off your shoes or boots and dip into their natural pool that stays cold all year long. You'll be able to enjoy it from dawn until dusk for free. However, remember to clean up after yourself as they're privately owned by an environmentally conscious individual who simply asks that visitors respect his property. 
Cummins Falls State Park
If you're looking for an incredible swimming hole, not to mention a waterfall with plenty of sunlight and rocks perfect for sunbathing on the side, then look no further than Cummins Falls State Park. This 211-acre park is home to 75 feet worth of falls that empty into a deep gorge where visitors can be found spending their time day after day having fun in the water or catching some rays--all while enjoying views like nothing else! 
You'll need $6 Gorge Access Permit before heading out onto this 2.5-mile round trip hike down steep terrain so use caution as well as remembering how much work it will take climbing back up at end if your adventure has taken its toll on your body. 

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