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Newly Single? Why a Managed Community is the Perfect Place to Start a New Life

If you’re looking at a major life change, one of the problems you want to solve as quickly as possible is setting up a home. If you’re unexpectedly in need of a new place to live, a managed community can be a great option for finding a way to move on from the past and embrace a bright future. The right home, in the right community, can be a springboard to even better things – and here are a few reasons why.


Ready-Made Community

A managed community is more than just a street, or a place to live – it’s a neighborhood. Managed communities are designed to help you live in a private, relaxed environment with professionally managed amenities which you share with the rest of the community. That means that there are natural meeting places where you can run into people, and confidence that you’re living somewhere with a sense of real community. Sharing space, and sharing experience, are important parts of feeling like you are settled in a community – and an important foundation for building the next stage in your life.

Managed Community Amenities Make Life Smooth

A managed community is designed to enable you to have the lifestyle you want. As well as creative home design, the community itself is put together so that you can enjoy the activities you love, whenever you want to – many managed communities have a gym, a pool, landscaped parkland, gazebos and firepits, bark parks, and even gourmet coffee bars. 
Living in a community where so many amenities are provided right on your doorstep lets you have a great lifestyle without having to spend a lot of time or energy organizing your time, and gives you the space to plan what’s next for you in your life.

Managed Communities - Not Remote, but Secluded

Homes in managed communities are often set in landscaped parkland, specifically laid out to give you a sense of space and peace – but unlike rural communities, they are also close by larger cities, with full access to movie theaters, big box stores, restaurants and everything else you would expect. In a managed community you can count on being close to everything you want, but in enough space to have a balanced and healthy life.
Studies have shown that living near to green space is beneficial to mental health and wellbeing, even when that green space is small or surrounded by haphazard city planning. In a managed community, your parkland is designed right along with the homes in the community, meaning that it’s not an afterthought or an oversight, but an integral part of how your home has been designed as a place to live – not just a house, but a neighbourhood.
If times are uncertain and you need to make a move, we’d love to talk about how we can help you to find a home that’s right for you, in a community that’s the right place for you to set up home, stand up tall and start thinking about how to write the next chapter in your story. Get in touch and we can talk to you about what options are best for you.