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Moving to an Apartment, How to Choose What to Put in Storage

Moving to an apartment can be a smart change to make, especially if you’re moving into a managed community. In any good managed community, there are several amenities to take advantage of, from in-house fitness centers and swimming pools to recreational areas and walking tracks.
However, even with all these upsides, there’s one major issue that needs to be handled. Because apartments are typically smaller than single houses, you need a plan for what you’re going to do with all the extra stuff you’ve accumulated over the years? How do you choose what to put into storage? Beyond sitting down to watch an episode of Marie Kondo, here’s a few things we’ve learned from our clients about how you can make these decisions.

Evaluate the Practical Value of Things

This is the easiest way to determine what you’ll need to keep at home. As you sort through each room, ask yourself whether the things in there have any practical value. And if they do, think about how useful they are, and how often you’ll use them. For instance, things like furniture and appliances are very practically valuable, and are pretty much used on a daily basis.
Other things, like an extra cupboard or a large couch that’s still in great condition may not be needed in your new home. But you may not want to get rid of them because they’re still useful. In such cases, you might want to put them into storage.

Think About Sentimental Value

Another aspect you’ll need to consider is the sentimental value of the things you own. This varies from one family to another, and it’s entirely up to you to determine what’s precious. Some people may attach great sentimental value to journals or albums, while others may consider souvenirs from trips you’ve taken as a family to be indispensable. Think light, and break down the stuff that matters to you into categories: things that are great every day, and things that are important to keep, but not important to have close by all the time.