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Moving Home Close to the Holidays – How to Celebrate in a New House

Moving house can be a stressful experience – and moving close to the holidays can make it both stressful and sad, as it feels like you miss out on a celebration if you’re not all set up by the time the day comes. But the heart of a great celebration is having something to celebrate, and completing a move is one of the biggest things to celebrate, any time of year. Here are a few tips for you, if you’re moving soon, which we’ve learned from our experience, to help you celebrate even if you’re moving in the day before a big event.

Get the essentials in for food

For a lot of people, celebrations like Thanksgiving are all about the big meal. And while moving in to a new house can mean that your kitchen set-up is scattered across different boxes or even different homes, you can still make sure you have a meal you’ll love. If your home comes with a fully-equipped kitchen already, you can still make the big meal if you want to – just make sure the big grocery shop is something you prioritize right away, and make sure your refrigerator and freezer are working as soon as you get in to the house. Think about the meal you want to cook, and the food you want to have in the house after that meal, and just buy that. Don’t worry too much about getting everything you’ll need for normal life in the first shop – make the celebration happen, then worry about the rest.
Alternatively, if cooking is too much – and for most people it will be – then instead, think about which restaurants you love. If you have a family favorite which will make everyone feel at home, then make that the center of the celebrations – get all of your favorite dishes, and enjoy with no cooking! If your favorite restaurant isn’t nearby, look over reviews for restaurants in your new city and choose one you’d like to get to know. Having your new favorite restaurant as your holiday food is a great way to start!

Get one room ready, worry about everything else later

It’s normal to want your home to be in perfect shape before you have a holiday celebration. But trying to set up a whole house right before a holiday could leave you too tired to enjoy the day – so instead, get the basics set up right. Get bedrooms and bathrooms ready to sleep and wash in, and then choose one room in the house which will be your celebration room, and get that completely unpacked and ready to go. That way you can relax together, celebrate, and enjoy the feeling of a completely ready room, before moving on to the rest of the house.

Take it easy afterwards

Having a completely set-up house is great, but even after the celebration, you’re going to want to make sure that you rest as well as work. Giving yourself space to enjoy the day, and then taking a few small deliberate steps the next day, will help you to unpack and stay relaxed instead of burning the midnight oil and ending up exhausted in a perfect home. Take your time and you’ll enjoy it!
If you’re looking at moving soon, we’d love to help you find a great place, and talk through how you can move well. Get in touch!