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Long-distance moves: tips for moving your stuff

Along with the excitement of moving to a new home all the way across the country comes the headache of making sure that all your belongings safely make it to your new place. There are plenty of options to help you transport your stuff. Most families choose to hire a professional moving company to do the job, while some people prefer to do it themselves. So if you’re moving to a new house and you’re wondering how to transport your belongings, here’s our brief guide to the pros and cons of the options:

Hiring professional movers: 

This is an easy first choice. And rightly so, because hiring a professional moving company has several advantages, including:
  • Faster packing and moving – Moving companies don’t just take care of shifting your belongings; they normally help you pack up your stuff as well. And they get the job done within a few hours, leaving you with enough time to unpack later in the day (if the journey to your new place takes less than a day).
  • Less trouble, more comfort – Movers do all the packing and lifting for you, which means that you’ll be relieved of all the difficult work. They help you transport all the heavy and fragile stuff, right from delicate chinaware and wooden furniture to your washing machine, air-conditioning unit, and refrigerator.
  • Little or no risk of damage – No matter how certain you are of successfully transporting your belongings over long distances by yourself, professional packers almost always do it better. This is because they’re backed by years of experience, and can pack and move all kinds of goods with little or no damage.
That said, this alternative has a couple of downsides. For one thing, hiring a moving company can be expensive, especially if you’re moving to a place that’s far from your old home, and if you have a large volume of goods that need to be transported. Secondly, it offers you minimal control over how your stuff gets packed and moved, so you need to be able to trust your movers.

Doing it yourself: 

Instead of hiring  a moving company, you could rent a vehicle, rope in a couple of friends to help you pack your stuff, and drive to your new place. Here’s why this is a great idea:
  • Affordable and economical – This option is much easier on your wallet. The only major costs you’ll incur are the rental expense for the vehicle and the fuel to see it through to your new home (as well as food and drinks to thank the friends you’ve got helping you!) Sometimes, this could be just a fraction of what professional movers charge you.
  • Greater control over the process – Since you’re in charge of packing up your stuff, you can decide what goes where, and how you want your things arranged in the boxes. This makes it easier to unpack your stuff and set up your new home, because you know just where everything is.
  • Flexible schedules – If you decide to move your stuff yourself, and find that you take longer than expected to sort out your belongings and pack them into boxes, it’s always possible to delay your trip by a few hours instead of rushing through the process (as can happen with movers).
However, DIY moving can become cumbersome if you’re inexperienced in driving heavy vehicles across long distances, or if you have a lot of belongings that need to be transported. Also, this is not a great option for people who are running on a tight schedule, as packing and moving your belongings yourself can cause unexpected delays, and be a lot of hard work.
If you’re still unsure of what alternative to choose, you could opt for a little bit of both, by packing your stuff yourself, and hiring a moving company to load the boxes and transport them. Whatever you choose, when you’re in the house and unpacked, there’s no feeling like it – happy moving!


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