Hosting a Holiday Housewarming Party – 3 Great Ideas

With the holiday season picking up, you’re probably already making plans with your friends and family. If you’re in a new neighborhood, or a new home, your plans might involve hosting a holiday party at home – it’s a great way to meet new neighbors, and celebrate the season together. Here are a few ideas to help you bring in a special holiday touch and sprinkle a bit of wintertime flavor to your party plan.
Go for a laid-back feel
The ambience is truly what sets the mood of a party – it’s about how you use lighting, scents, music, food and drink to set the mood. If you’re hosting a holiday party in a new home, this might seem like a lot to try and handle. But remember that a party is a chance to get to know people, and that a warm welcome is the best ambience you can give. Do the basics, and invest your energy in being relaxed enough to have a good time when people arrive, and you’ll have a great time. Just tidy up a little, make sure the place is clean and vacuumed, then light up some scented candles all over the main room, and hang a few lights in warm colors – oranges, yellows or reds. Then pour a drink and take a breath – it’s going to be fine!
Include a photo station
If you’ve got time in a new home, a photo station can be a really fun thing to add to a party, to get people talking together and give people memories to look back on. If you can get a few props together – costume glasses, old-time clothes, an old boa – all you need is a backdrop (say, a Christmas tree) and a camera, and you’re good to go. If you have an old (or new) instamatic camera, like a Polaroid, that’s great – it means everyone gets to see their photo right away, and share the fun.
It’s also a chance to get the whole family involved in preparing for a party; and if you’ve just moved in, that’s a way to feel at home, and start building memories together through a shared experience. You could all form teams and each prepare a few DIY props or backgrounds to quirk up your photo station, or go shopping together to find some props from a local craft supply store.
Put together a playlist
Another great idea to make your holiday party different in a good way is to create a playlist with some less-than-obvious seasonal songs. Everyone’s heard the classics – and they should definitely be on your list – but there’s almost endless versions of old standards, many of which your guests might not have heard before. Having some lesser-known songs or covers running in background can make for a refreshing change, and give you something to talk about with any music fans amongst your new neighbors. Some choices you could consider include Tom Chaplin’s “Under A Million Lights,” “I'll Be Home For Christmas” by Leslie Odom Jr., or the cover of “Silent Night” by Destiny’s Child.
Above all, remember that you’ve chosen a good place to live, and you’ll be building friendships for some time to come – so don’t worry, just take the chance to have fun and meet some new people. Happy holidays!