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Home Lighting in the Winter Daylight or Cozy?

Home lighting is simple, but there’s whole load of science behind how the lights in your home affect your mood. This is particularly true towards the end of winter, when it isn’t possible to get as much sun exposure as you should. Many people even suffer from seasonal depression as the months drag on. But having the right kind of lighting can lift your spirits and get you through the winter. There are broadly two types of lighting you can choose from: daylight bulbs, which give out a subtly blue-tinted light, and cozier lights with a more yellow color. Which is the better option? And more importantly, what kind of lighting might be best for you?

The Case for Daylight Bulbs

Daylight lighting is about as close as you can get to brighter natural light in winter. With a color temperature range of 5,000K to 6,500K, these bulbs are generally brighter than your average lights, and the idea is to bring daylight indoors. If you suffer from SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, daylight bulbs could be what you need. These bulbs can help you brighten up your home and lighten your mood by mimicking natural sunlight, and spending a few hours each day under daylight lighting can make up for the gloom that winter brings with it, especially several months in.

What About Cozier Options for Indoor Lighting?

For some people, when winter comes, it’s time to turn up the cozies. That means bringing out snug blankets, making hot drinks, and of course, turning on the soft, warm lighting. Cozy winter lighting can make your home feel more welcoming, and if you’re the kind of person who likes to stay indoors on weekends or holidays, there’s no better way to light up your home during the cold months. While classically, cozier lights are yellow in color, this doesn’t mean they need to be strongly tinted: brighter and whiter lights (color temperature range of 2,700K to 3,300K ) that might not feel yellow will still have a cozy effect. Alternatively, you could use candles or light up a fire if your home has a fireplace.

Yellow or Blue Light for the Winter?

It all depends on what you want to achieve. If you’re aiming for a snug and comfortable vibe, it’s obvious that cozy lighting is the way to go. However, if you’re looking for an ambience that’s less comfy and more stimulating, you’d be better off opting for daylight bulbs. Also, if you tend to suffer from SAD, or work at home and need to be productive as well as relaxed, daylight lighting is just what you need.
But if you ask us, the best way to resolve this debate is to strike a balance between the two options. Since daylight bulbs are believed to stop the production of sleep hormones and keep you active, it’s best to install this kind of lighting in your study or living room. As for the warm lights, they’re best reserved for the bedroom or the lounge, where you typically relax and unwind.