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Finding Great Activities for Your Kids After Moving to a New Neighborhood

When you move into a new neighborhood with kids, it can be difficult to help them feel at home. This is only understandable, because moving to a new neighborhood can be tough on your kids, and more often than not, they may not find it easy to keep themselves occupied in an unfamiliar territory. As parents, there are some things that you can do to help your kids find great activities to be part of – here are a few things we’ve learned from clients who have moved to a new neighborhood with their children.
Join a library
A local library can be a refreshing space for your kids, particularly if they love to read. But even if they don’t, many modern libraries have other activities, and some are built with play parks. Libraries can also help kids to ease into a new neighborhood, since a library is a non-threatening environment where your kids can interact with other children their age without the pressure of competition. Going to a library is a great way to keep children occupied for a while, and can help them cultivate the habit of reading, providing a space where they can find books they like, and make decisions for themselves about what they want to read. Self-discovered books and self-directed learning is often more engaging for kids than more formal learning in class. Libraries also often host special events for kids, and you could sign your children up for these activities, so they don’t get bored.
Visit the park
The local park or play area is one of the best places to meet other parents. It’s also one of the easiest ways to help your kids make friends in their new neighborhood. Taking your kids there in evening or on the weekends can help them become a part of these routines and can allow them to mingle with other kids their age, and blow off some steam while they do it. If your children had a similar group of friends back in their old home, it can also give them a sense of consistency.
Host a party at home
Another easy way to help your kids to find some activities to engage in is to host a party at your home. If your kids have a birthday coming up, and they’re comfortable with the idea, consider hosting a party to help them have a good time with kids they’ve got to know a little already. A party can also give you a chance to talk to other parents and discover new ways to keep your children active and involved. And in the meantime, your kids get to meet other children in their new neighborhood and make friends in the comfort of their own home.
Consider extra activities at school
You could also ask at your kids’ new school to find out if they offer extra activities like music lessons, dance classes, sports, or drama and theater. If your kids have any special areas of interest they’ve been active in back in your old home, enrolling them in the same activities in their new school could be a good way of helping them to move through the transition and find a place to belong, and to feel at home.