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Dos & Don'ts for Moving During the Summer

Dos & Don'ts for Moving During the Summer
Most of relocations in the United States take place between Memorial Day and Labor Day. While moving during the summertime is handy for families, students, and busy professionals, it may also be excruciatingly uncomfortable due to the terrible temperatures of the summer. Thankfully, there are certain measures you can do and things you can avoid for a seamless summer move. Check out our dos and don'ts of relocating in the warm weather for more information.
1) Expect to pay a higher price
It's impossible to avoid the reality that summertime is the costliest period to relocate. During the summer months—which is known as "peak moving season—everything from moving containers to moving businesses is in short supply. What is the explanation for this? Well, with school out, families with school-aged children are just more eager to relocate. During the start and finish of the summer, college students also move into and out of their dorms. Many people believe that the weather is excellent for relocating, and that there are less festivities to worry about. Because summer is the busiest moving season, you'll almost certainly have to pay more to relocate during these months.
2) The earlier the start in the day, the better
Start early in the morning to beat the heat. During the summer, that's when summer temperatures are at their lowest. We suggest getting started as soon as possible. You'll not only escape the heat, but you'll also beat the rush if you get started early. Begin as early as 8 a.m., or even earlier. If you prefer not to relocate in the mornings, we suggest moving late in the afternoon or in the evening when temps are cooler.
3) Make sure to turn the air conditioning on in your new apartment
On moving day, you certainly don't want to arrive at a house that is too hot to handle. To prevent this from happening, we recommend that you turn on your utilities before moving. If you live in that area and can turn on the air conditioning the day before the relocation, do so as soon as possible. Cooling down your new apartment ahead of time will make the adjustment much easier. If you're going a long distance, make sure to turn on the air conditioning when you get there.
4) Make sure to keep your electronics cool
When packing and transporting electronic devices during the summer, use additional precaution. On a hot summer day, though, it's all too simple for these objects to become overheated and subsequently, damaged. Electrical products, from desktop computers to laptops to TVs and other appliances, typically do not perform do well in hot weather. Pack your belongings individually and keep them in air-conditioned environments at all times during the transfer to keep them in optimal form. Electronics should be the last things loaded onto the vehicle and the first things unloaded when you reach your new apartment. To avoid water damage from rainfall, make sure to pack them in a weatherproof container.
1) Don’t forget to hydrate yourself and the people you’re working with
Moving in the heat of summer nearly guarantees that you will be parched for the majority of the time. Make sure to bring lots of water with you on the road to avoid overheating. Even if you hire professional movers, it's a smart decision to have water bottles on hand at both your old and new residences. Make sure to provide water to the movers and anyone else who is assisting with the relocation. 
2) Don’t wear inappropriate clothing
It's not the day to be fashionable on moving day. And it isn't the time to be squeamish. You should wear modest, breezy clothing and comfy, closed-toe shoes with socks if you're moving in the heat of summer. Forget about the hefty textiles and stilettos. Handling large boxes, walking back and forth between rooms, traversing large distances, and packing boxes are all common aspects of moving. None of these activities can be accomplished properly if you're dressed in unsuitable attire.
3) Don’t move on a holiday weekend
Not only will there be fewer movers and truck rentals ready to help you with the relocation, but moving on a summer holiday will also be considerably more expensive. Not to mention the fact that traffic will tremendous on the main thoroughfares. Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day are three summer holiday weekends to avoid moving.
4) Don’t forget to place perishables in coolers
Are you going to be close by? There's no need to toss out fresh produce if you have the correct packing materials. Instead of throwing your refrigerator items in the trash, put them in coolers with ice the day of your relocation. Everything from milk and juices to vegetables and fruits should be salvageable as long as the coolers are kept cooled enough to keep them fresh.

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