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Books and Short Stories set in Tennessee

Books and Short Stories set in Tennessee
What better way to revisit the history of your state or learn more about it than from books? Even if you are not familiar with all parts of Tennessee, or no longer live there, books have the power to transport you to another time and place.
If you are interested in immersing yourself in history, fun, love, or anything else about Tennessee, here are a few books and short stories you may like or wish to read again. 
Books and Short Stories set in Tennessee
Whether you are looking for history, a factual-based story, or something for kids, there is definitely something for everyone.
A Death in The Family
This book by author James Agee is mostly autobiographical. Although left unfinished at Agee’s own death, it explored the sudden loss and grief of the father of a family. 
The death is about Jay Follet, who leaves his family home in Knoxville to visit his own ailing father. While it turns out that Jay’s father is not dying, it is Jay himself who dies on his way home.
Coat of Many Colors
Celebrate one of Tennessee’s greatest music stars and an all-around great person with this book. Based on her own lyrics, Parton and illustrator Brooke Boynton Hughes, the book expands on the song of the same name.
It tells the story of a young girl who needed a coat for the winter, but her mother, too poor to buy her a new one, sews her one out of available scraps around the house.
Initially embarrassed when she is teased about the coat, the young girl comes to understand the care and work that went into the coat and how every stitch represents her mother’s love. Great book for all ages.
A Murder in Music City
True crime fans will love this book by Michael Bishop. Taking place in Nashville, a young woman is murdered with no witnesses. Evidence points to a certain person, and he is arrested and sent to jail.
The author of the book was paramount in discovering the truth and setting the record straight. Redemption comes late, but it does come. Complete with actual interviews and a deathbed confession. 
The Firm
Revisit this classic by John Grisham and his young lawyer, Mitch McDeere. He has several offers to work at firms even before he graduates from Harvard University.
He is showered with perks and he and his young wife think they have it made. But do they? Follow along with secrets, murder, and incredible suspense will have you stuck in to the very end. 
Last Train to Memphis 
A trip to Tennessee would not be complete without a visit to the King himself, Elvis Presley. Written by Peter Guralnick, it follows Elvis’ rise to fame and fortune. 
Written with humor and grace, it is considered one of the best autobiographies on Elvis and his life. It sets aside rumors and follows his inevitable fingerprint on the music and how he changed it forever. 
The Ladies Auxiliary
Follow along with Tova Mirvis’ book and visit the tightly knit Orthodox Jewish community in Memphis. We see a newly widowed woman, Batsheva move into town and convert to Judaism.
Batsheva stirs things up and is yet a breath of fresh air to those in the community as she teaches those people more than their school lessons. Perhaps, she teaches about life.

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