3 Ideas for a Holiday-Themed Open House

If you’re thinking of putting your house on the market for sale soon, and you think you might have an open house some time over the holidays, it’s a great opportunity to make your open house a part of people’s seasonal celebrations, and use the holidays as a launchpad to sell your home. Adding a few seasonal touches can make your house stand out – let’s take a look at some holiday-themed ideas for an open house.
Get the smells and lighting right
One of the first things that potential buyers notice when they arrive at an open house is the vibe that the place gives off. Good lighting and warm smells can add a positive note to the feeling of your open house. If you’re organizing the open house during the daytime, make the most of the natural light, and if you’re showing people around after sundown, bring out fairy lights and use plenty of warm, yellow-accented light to emphasize the relaxing feeling. Light up scented candles that fill up the room with seasonal fragrances like vanilla or pine, or consider baking something - freshly baked bread or cookies make a room feel cosy, and help people to feel a relaxed, start-of-the-holidays feeling that can help them see your home as a natural place for them to live.
Decorate the space  
For an open house during the holidays, decorations can be a tricky balance. You’ll want to decorate the place just enough that it reflects the holiday spirit, but not so much that it feels too personal or particular – you want to get a feeling of celebration, without making it feel like you’re trying to cover up the weaknesses of the place with decorations that won’t be up in a few weeks time. The trick is to start off small: hang a wreath on the door, use a few hangers or subtle baubles, but avoid personalized or homemade decorations, and bright colors: instead, use muted shades of red and gold that fit a holiday feeling without distracting the eye too much.
And this may be controversial, but it might be worth keeping the tree until after you’ve had the open house. Trees can take up a lot of space, and that means it can be harder for buyers to see how much space there is, and see the value of your house.
Use music if you can
Food and music can really bring the holiday feeling to the fore, but use them wisely. It’s a good move to have holiday hits running in the background, but make sure they’re not too loud, because you don’t want the music taking over the conversations and questions that potential buyers may have – and during the season the holiday standards are playing in every store, so you might want to bring a different vibe to your home. Think about sticking to instrumental versions of the popular songs, or choosing classical music. A few minutes on a music streaming service can help a lot with this – find versions of songs that will bring a holiday feeling, without sounding like a store playlist!